Join us every Wednesday from 7pm for Trivia. Hosted by Noble Entertainment, there's plenty of prizes to be won! 


Enjoy $6 beers including Cartlon, Reschs, VB, Great Northern and $7 wines including Tarot Pinot Grigio, Tarot Rosé and Tarot Grenache available every Mon-Fri from 4pm - 6pm


Every Friday from 6pm we host our raffle extravaganza. From meat, veg and trinnie trays on offer


Whether it's your first stop of the night or you're settling in, DJ's will be spinning in the main bar every Saturday from 8pm til late 

$15 Cocktails

Sip on $15 cocktails, all day everyday! It's your choice of an Aperol, Mojito or a Margarita 


In collaboration with Alpha Box & Dice, fill a custom 1L wine squealer with either Pinot Grigio, Rosé or Grenache from our tapped wine for just $25, then bring the bottle back to reuse with a $20 refill.


Slurp on $2 oysters every Saturday and Sunday


What's on at The Erko




There's always something going on at The Erko to keep our guests coming back for more! Take a peek above to see our weekly favourites and below for upcoming events, Want to know more, or have a few questions? Hit us up via our contacts page, or our socials. 

Wednesday 6 March

US Office Trivia

Think you know Dunder Mifflin inside out? Join us for a fun night of US office trivia. Get ready to channel your inner Michael Scott, outwit Swight Schrute and reminisce about all those hilarious moments. We'll be kicking off at 7pm