Looking for a chilled, relaxed event venue in Sydney? Wanting to book a space all to yourself but concerned with venue hire costs? Here at the Erko, it's as much your pub as it is ours and we love having you around. There’s no fuss when it comes to minimum spends and fiddly event details, just come and hang with your mates and colleagues alike. You can reserve a spot for you and a group to catch up, celebrate or just sit & drink if that's what you feel like. Check out our event spaces below.

Main Bar at the Erko

Main Bar

Perfect for a bigger crowd, the main bar is where the action happens. In prime position for watching sports on the big screen, this space places you smack-bang next to the bar and right in the heart of the Erko.

Courtyard at the Erko


A frequent feature in many Top Sydney Beer Garden lists, our Courtyard provides our guests with covered and uncovered outdoor areas. Equipped with heaters, long tables & the Erko's famous Smoker, the Courtyard is an ideal spot for any sort of event or get-together. The Courtyard becomes smoke-friendly after 5pm.

The Grotto at the Erko

The Grotto

Pinball Machine, Big Buck Hunter, the Grotto is a great space for a family shindig or just to have a bit of fun while you’re out on the town, plus it’s right next to the Courtyard.

The Corp Box at the Erko

The Corp Box

Tucked away to the left of the Main Bar, the Corp Box provides punters with a space a bit further away from the action. The Corp Box is ideal for more intimate or private events.