Smokehouse Sundays South Africa


Sunday, July 28th from 12 pm


South Africans know how to barbecue! It's a cooking staple as common as flour or rice. 


In South Africa, a "braai", the local version of a barbecue, is a cultural phenomenon which is as popular as rugby. The locals take their braais very seriously; good wood, big hunks of meat, cooked properly over fire. 


A braai is common practice for most South African households and is always a social occasion. The atmosphere around a braai is often celebratory…birthdays, engagements, graduations, national holidays are all celebrated but the truest expression of a braai is a celebration of friends and family. It is a moment of gathering, sharing and loving around the fire with a drink in hand.


We're really excited about this one, we're currently working on a special menu that we hope you will all love! Make sure you follow the link below to stay up to date with all of our South African Smokehouse news!