Smokehouse Sundays Spain


Sunday, August 25th from 12 pm


Steaks, Kabobs, Lamb Chops, Sausages or Vegetables - Spaniards grill it all!


parrillada, as it is known in Spain, is a barbecue and is sometimes referred to as a barbacoa. The word parrillada is actually used in most Spanish-speaking countries; however, you will also hear parrilla and asado. A parrillada in Spain is similar to those prepared in Argentina and the rest of Latin America, with one big exception - In Spain, it's not just about the meat. Fish, shellfish, and vegetables are popular on the braza, and are grilled just as often at parrilladas in Spain.


We're really excited about this one, we're currently working on a special menu that we hope you will all love! Make sure you follow the link below to stay up to date with all of our Sanish Smokehouse news!