Smokehouse Sundays at The Erko 


Smokehouse Sundays have become somewhat of an institution at the old Erko. What started out as a celebration of bbq and smoked meats has evolved into a celebration and exploration of international and alternative cuisines. With trips to Turkey, Spain and Jamaica as well as a deep dive into fresh vegan and pescetarian cooking, Smokehouse Sundays have truly evolved into something special for our local community. 


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For March Smokehouse Sunday, we're taking a trip to Mongolia! 


Join us on Sunday, 29th of March to feast and experience some of the finest food that Mongolia has to offer. As usual, there will be plenty of delicious drinks to wash it all down with, plenty of giveaways and whole lot of fun!


Fun Fact: 'The extreme continental climate of Mongolia has influenced the traditional diet. Use of vegetables and spices are limited. Due to geographic proximity and deep historic ties with China and Russia, Mongolian cuisine is also influenced by Chinese and Russian cuisine.'


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