Smokehouse Sundays at The Erko 


Smokehouse Sundays have become somewhat of an institution at the old Erko. What started out as a celebration of bbq and smoked meats has evolved into a celebration and exploration of international and alternative cuisines. With trips to Turkey, Spain and Jamaica as well as a deep dive into fresh vegan and pescetarian cooking, Smokehouse Sundays have truly evolved into something special for our local community. 



🌶️🌶️🌶️ Sunday September 27th 🌶️🌶️🌶️



September's Smokehouse Sunday's is focused on all things CHILLI 🌶️

Our head chef Tats has sourced 5 varieties of international chillis, all grown on the same Aussie farm, ranging from Carolina Reaper (HOT 🥵) through to your standard long green chilli (MILD 😊)

These will be showcased over a full menu, ranging from smoked mozzarella chilli peppers to chilli fried chicken. There'll be plenty of vego options on the day of course!

There'll be a whole bunch of hot sauces to taste, and whichever you like the most will become the new Erko house hot sauce 😍😍😍