Smokehouse Sundays Backyard BBQ


Sunday, October 27th from 12 pm


The Australian BBQ is a huge tradition in our culture, we love them. We look forward to our weekend breaks where the great Aussie barbie forms a very important part of our leisure time.


We invite friends and family to our homes or we go to theirs and we share some chops, steaks, sausages over a beer, wine or a champagne every chance we get. BBQ has become such a cemented part of the Australian identity, that it has completely changed with the times. These days, it's not just about grilling meat but vegetarian and vegan options are now becoming just as common, delicious and popular,


BBQ in Australia is not just about cooking and eating delicious food from the grill (though it does make up an important part of it), it's also about coming together with family and friends to celebrate all of the little things that make life great. Summertime is the perfect time to enjoy a barbecue in Australia and that is why October's Smokehouse Sunday will be dedicated to the great Australian tradition of the backyard barbecue. 


Join us as we welcome summer to Sydney for The Erko's backyard barbecue. We're working on a menu that includes some classic barbecue dishes as well as some more conceptual ideas, that are sure to be delicious. 


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