Smokehouse Sundays at The Erko 


Smokehouse Sundays have become somewhat of an institution at the old Erko. What started out as a celebration of bbq and smoked meats has evolved into a celebration and exploration of international and alternative cuisines. With trips to Turkey, Spain and Jamaica as well as a deep dive into fresh vegan and pescetarian cooking, Smokehouse Sundays have truly evolved into something special for our local community. 


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We're keeping the summer vibes going with our February Smokehouse Sunday. If you love Watermelon, then this is for you 😀

Watermelon bacon, watermelon pizza, cured watermelon, watermelon ham.... the list goes on!


We're showcasing how diverse and delicious watermelon is and we can't wait for you to try it all. 

To help keep watermelon at the forefront of your mind, here are some fun facts about this delicious piece of natures candy that we are paying tribute to;


* You can eat the whole thing, skin and all. 


* They are both a fruit and a vegetable.


* They come in about 1200 different varieties. 


* They're 92% water (obvi).


* There was once an heirloom variety watermelon that was kept alive for about 100 years!



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